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Is it true that Hypospadias cause Infertility?

Hypospadias occurs at the opening of the urethra and is a birth defect. The urethra is usually found at the […]

What to eat if you want to get Pregnant with a Boy

When you are trying to get pregnant, diet is one of the most important things to consider. Eating a healthy […]


How to get Pregnant if Sperm Falls out

Many couples believe that it is important for the semen to stay in, in order for the woman to become […]


How do I get Pregnant with PCOS and high Prolactin?

When a woman has both PCOS and high prolactin, she will find that it will affect her ability to become […]


Can you get Pregnant with Clomid and Trigger Shot?

Clomid is a prescription oral medication which is the most popular fertility drug in the United States. It is an […]


Does my Fertility Increase after a D&C?

Having a D&C is a procedure that is conducted by a doctor following a miscarriage or abortion. It is used […]


Lower Sperm Count for Smokers

Many men are aware of the fact that smoking has a negative effect on their overall health. Statistics show that […]