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Can Submucosal Fibroids cause Infertility

Submucosal fibroids are fibroids that usually begin to grow as intramural fibroids, within the muscular layers of the uterus. They […]

Can a Vibrator cause a Fertility Problem?

There is actually great debate over whether vibrators can actually affect our fertility. Many doctors will agree that in general […]


Can you get Pregnant if no Period for a Year

Many women, for several different reasons, don’t have a regular period. In fact, some women go without having a period […]


How to get Pregnant if you want a Boy

For those who are looking to become pregnant with boy, it is important that you understand the difference between male […]


How to get Pregnant if tubes are Blocked

If your tubes are blocked, the egg will not be able to get to the right spot in order to […]


How much Folic Acid to take to get Pregnant with Twins?

Folic acid is one of the most important things that a woman needs immediately before a pregnancy begins and during […]


Can you get Pregnant on Clomid 150mg

Clomid is a super popular and super effective oral fertility drug. In fact, Clomid is the most popular fertility drug […]


Am I extra Fertile after a Chemical Pregnancy?

A chemical pregnancy occurs when a pregnancy test shows a positive reading around the time that your period is expected […]