How to Roll Back the Fertility Clock?

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For many women, becoming pregnant at an older age is preferable. Not only have they had the time that they need to build up their finances and establish themselves in life, but they have also been able to mature to a level where they are better prepared to raise a child.

However, as women age, it becomes more and more difficult to become pregnant because of the makeup of the female body. When it comes time for an older woman to become pregnant, it becomes necessary for a woman to find a way to bring her fertility to a level where become pregnant can be easier.

1. What Can Age Fertility Quickly?

One of the biggest things that can create issues when a woman is ready to become pregnant is a sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately, the older that a woman becomes, the higher the chance is that she has an STD because it is likely that she has had multiple sexual partners throughout the years. To avoid this, you should always practice safe sex with every partner that you may have.

Studies-have-shown-that-smoking-can-age-a-womans-eggs-prematurely-and-make-it-difficult-for-her-to-conceiveSmoking can also be a deterrent when it comes to becoming pregnant at an older age. Studies have shown that smoking can age a woman’s eggs prematurely and make it difficult for her to conceive. It has also been shown that smoking affects a man’s sperm count and motility as well and can make it even harder for a couple to conceive.

2. How Can I Improve My Chances?

There are many things that you can do to improve the chances that you have of becoming pregnant. First, it is important that you talk to your doctor before you begin trying to become pregnant. Your doctor will be able to give you guidance as to the specific things that you can do to make it easier to become pregnant.

begin-taking-a-prenatal-vitamin-and-begin-a-healthy-diet-and-exercise-program-to-improve-fertilityYou should also begin taking a prenatal vitamin and begin a healthy diet and exercise program. There are also some supplements that you should consider taking as well in order to improve your chances of becoming pregnant. You may also want to consider beginning fertility treatments as well.

3. How To Prepare For Having Children at An Older Age?

If you are planning to have children, but are looking to wait until you are older, there are a few things that you can consider for the future. For example, it is possible to remove eggs at a young age and save them until you have become older.


This is a simple process, but it is also expensive and you should consider the costs that are related to this decision. There are also a few decisions that you will need to make when going with this method as well.

4. Freezing Eggs

The first option that you have is to freeze your eggs so that they can be fertilized at a later time. With this method, doctors will remove egg samples where they will be frozen and saved until you are ready to have them fertilized and implanted back into your uterus.


5. Freezing Embryos

Another option is to fertilize your eggs and create embryos to be saved. One issue with this method is that there are typically embryos left over after a woman has decided that she will have no more children. You should consider carefully what you plan to do with the additional embryos is you go with this method.


6. Things to Consider

When you are considering saving eggs or embryos for the future, it is a good idea to keep in mind that simply saving your eggs is not a guarantee that you will become pregnant in the future. You should prepare yourself for the fact that waiting could mean that you may find that you are unable to have children when you have reached the point where you are ready to have children.

It-is-best-to-talk-to-your-doctor-before-you decide-to-wait-to have children-so-that-you-will-understand-the-risks-that-you-are-takinIt is best to talk to your doctor before you decide to wait to have children so that you will understand the risks that you are taking.

7. Conclusion

There are many other items that can also prematurely age a woman’s reproductive process. It is best to discuss your specific situation with your doctor so that you can have any medical issues addressed and learn the best ways to improve your chances of becoming pregnant. However, by keeping yourself in the best health possible, your chances of becoming pregnant will be greatly improved.

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I bought into the hype and broke down and tried this product. After all, how can you resist something that claims that the fat is literally taken out of some of the food that you eat! I must say, though, pay attention to the directions on the package. I used it for a few days with none of the negative effects that many people experience. But during those times I ate fairly healthy meals and nothing too fatty. Then I went out with friends and didn't think about the fact I had taken these pills. I ate chicken wings, blue cheese and french fries. And spent most of the night and a good portion of the next day with several occasions of racing to the bathroom because of digestive issues. I suppose it shows that it does remove "stuff" from your diet because I sometimes have issues going at all and with using this product I went several times a day. But is it worth the risk? Besides, I have no idea if taking the pill was making a difference in my weight loss or if I was having success because I was being more careful in my food choices leading to lower calorie intake.

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