Coming off the Pill – How Long to Wait

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One of the main concerns that women may have after they stop taking birth control with the intent of becoming pregnant is how long they should wait before they can try to become pregnant. While most birth controls exit the system fairly quickly, some have the ability to linger in the bloodstream and make it more difficult become pregnant.

If you are considering having a baby and are taking the birth control pill, there are several things that you should do before you begin trying to become pregnant. Below are some of the items that can help you to become pregnant quickly after you’re ready to conceive.

1. Start taking Folic Acid

Folic acid is an important part of any pregnancy. It is one of the main elements that helps a baby to survive the first few weeks of a pregnancy and is crucial in preventing certain types of birth defects. However, there are also some elements about it they can improve your chances of becoming pregnant quickly.

It-is-one-of-the-main-elements-that-helps-a-baby-to-survive-the-first-few-weeks-of-a-pregnancyFolic acid is something that is safe to take throughout a woman’s life and you can begin taking it as soon as you wish in order to build up the amount that is needed to promote pregnancy and the health of your baby.

2. When do I stop taking the pill?

It is best to stop taking the pill after you have finished up your packet for the month. This will allow you to have a normal period while you are on your birth control and then allow your body the time it needs to adjust to not taking the birth control pill.

It-is-best-to-stop-taking-the-pill-after-you-have-finished-up-your-packet-for-the-monthIf you stop taking in the middle of the packet, you may find that it takes longer to make your periods regular so that you are able to become pregnant. However, for those who are taking progesterone only pills, it is safe to stop taking them whenever you are ready.

3. What happens when I come off the pill?

After you stop taking birth control pill, you should expect to start your periods anywhere between couple weeks to a few months after you stop taking it. In other words, you can expect it to take a while before you are regular again. It is likely that you will see at least some spotting during the first few days after you stop taking the birth control pill.

It-is-likely-that-you-will-see-at-least-some-spotting-during-the-first-few-days-after-you-stop-taking-the-birth-control-pillMost doctors will suggest that you have at least one irregular period before you begin trying to conceive. This means that you will need to wait until your period becomes regular again before you begin trying to conceive.

4. What about implants?

Unlike the birth control pill, implants and injections have been shown to take longer to leave the system than the traditional birth control pills. Because of this, you may have to wait several months before you are able to become pregnant, if you have chosen this type of birth control option.

implants-and-injections-have-been-shown-to-take-longer-to-leave-the-systemIf you currently have an implant or are taking injections, it is best to talk to your doctor about how long you can expect before you’re able to become pregnant. This may help you to decide when the best time to stop taking your injections or have your implant removed.

5. How to improve my chances

There are also some ways that you can improve your chances of becoming the pregnant quickly after you stop taking the birth control pill. For example, you will need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program while you’re trying to become pregnant and should also try to maintain a healthy weight as well.

begin-taking-prenatal-vitamins-and-consider-taking-other-supplements-that-can-improve-your-fertilityIt is also important that you begin taking prenatal vitamins and consider taking other supplements that can improve your fertility and can increase your chances of becoming pregnant quickly. Making sure that your life is healthy by eliminating stress, cigarettes and alcohol is also an important step.

6. Conclusion

Many couples are able to become pregnant quickly after they stop taking the birth control pill. However, it is important that you plan ahead and make sure that your body is in the right shape to improve your chances of becoming pregnant quickly.

Make sure that you schedule an appointment with your doctor well in advance of the time you’re ready to conceive so that you will know the proper amount of time that you should wait before you begin trying.

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Be careful when and how you use it

I bought into the hype and broke down and tried this product. After all, how can you resist something that claims that the fat is literally taken out of some of the food that you eat! I must say, though, pay attention to the directions on the package. I used it for a few days with none of the negative effects that many people experience. But during those times I ate fairly healthy meals and nothing too fatty. Then I went out with friends and didn't think about the fact I had taken these pills. I ate chicken wings, blue cheese and french fries. And spent most of the night and a good portion of the next day with several occasions of racing to the bathroom because of digestive issues. I suppose it shows that it does remove "stuff" from your diet because I sometimes have issues going at all and with using this product I went several times a day. But is it worth the risk? Besides, I have no idea if taking the pill was making a difference in my weight loss or if I was having success because I was being more careful in my food choices leading to lower calorie intake.

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Weight Loss through Fear of Embarrassment

Was excited to try Alli, heard such great things. Did not see anything for the first couple days I took this. Then came the HORRIBLE side effects. Oily, greasy residue in your underwear and the toilet, and the smell. Oh my gosh. It was awful. Talk about eating healthy - for fear of what this will do to you. Didn't even finish the first bottle it was so terrible.
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