Experts Encourage Couples not to Delay Childbearing

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During recent times, it is becoming more and more popular for women to delay having children.  There are a number of reasons why this is occurring, but mostly women have begun to wait until they feel that the time is right to have children. However, many experts are beginning to discourage couples from waiting to have children because of the difficulty that they will have as they age.

1. What happens when we get older?

As women age, their bodies change drastically when it comes to giving birth and becoming pregnant. Their reproductive system does not function the same way as it did when they were younger and there are not as many eggs remaining later in life. Other issues can also be present, such as the potential for birth defects with the baby and an increased risk of complications during pregnancy.

As-women-age-their-bodies-change-drastically-when-it-comes-to-giving-birth-and-becoming-pregnantEventually, it becomes impossible for a woman to have children or the parents become too old to fully enjoy the benefits of parenthood. While many couples feel that they are strong enough and healthy enough to have children late in their 40s, they fail to consider how their bodies will change as they age even further the child’s life.

2. Other downsides to having children late

Another item that people do not typically consider when they are having children later in life is the fact that they may never have the opportunity to experience being a grandparent. Because the average life expectancy is around 75, people who have children later in life would typically be forced to live until they had reached the age of 100 before they had their first grandchild.

It-is-harder-emotionally-to-wait-until-youre-older-because-theres-a-good-chance-that-you-will-find-that-you-are-unable-to-have-children-by-this-timeIt is also harder emotionally to wait until you’re older because there’s a good chance that you will find that you are unable to have children by this time. The emotional and psychological toll that learning that you have waited too long to have children can be quite devastating for a woman who had been expecting to have children at some point in her life.

It is also less likely that waiting till you are older to have children will mean that you are less likely to have more than one child. The optimal space between children is a minimum of two years and a maximum of five years in order to avoid fertility issues. Waiting until the mother is older may cause couples to find that they are rushing to have a second child rather than enjoying the first.

3. Why are people waiting

There are a number of reasons why couples are waiting to have children. Many couples are still recovering from hard economic times and have delayed having children because they simply cannot afford them. However, experts are saying that waiting to have children until the economy rebounds is a bad idea because it can lead to permanent infertility if you wait too long.

couples-are-waiting-because-they-are-still-recovering-from-hard-economic-times-and-have-delayed-having-children-because-they-simply-cannot-afford-themOthers are looking to establish themselves in their career before they begin having children or are preparing their finances in order to better provide for their children. However, this is also not advised because couples who wait tend to have more difficulties becoming pregnant as they age.

4. Conclusion

If you are considering waiting to have children, it is a good idea to discuss your options with your doctor so that you will know what your chances of becoming pregnant in the future will be. Your doctor will be able to gather information regarding your health history and the time frame that you plan to become pregnant in order to make a prediction as to how likely it will be that you will be able to become pregnant.

it-is-a-good-idea-to-discuss-your-options-with-your-doctor-so-that-you-will-know-what-your-chances-of-becoming-pregnant-in-the-futureThere are options for couples who are planning to wait to become pregnant which involves saving eggs or embryos during healthier times of their lives to be implanted when they are a bit older. Although there is no guarantee that this will be successful, this may give you a better chance of becoming pregnant later in life.

Couples who wait until they are older tend to have more issues with becoming pregnant. If you do plan to wait due to financial issues, it is important to keep in mind that many couples who wait are forced to go through costly fertility treatments. You may want to consider the price of fertility treatments when you are considering waiting until you are older to have children.

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