IVF Can’t Reverse Aging’s Effects

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Every year thousands of women undergo a procedure in order to help turn the time back when it comes to their reproductive system. In-vitro fertilization is growing in popularity rapidly and more and more women are turning to this procedure in order to have children later in life. However, a new study indicates that it may not be as effective against the process of aging as once suspected.

1. Study

A recent study conducted at a clinic in Boston took into consideration 6000 women who underwent in vitro fertilization at this clinic. The results of this study showed that even though IVF appeared to be successful for women under the age of 35 who had been deemed infertile, women who were older than 40 did not seem to benefit from the procedure.


This particular study was the largest of its kind and many believe that it has a great potential to estimate what the chances that a woman will have a baby after participating in an in vitro fertilization procedure is.

2. Statistics

Statistics show that there are over 110,000 cycles of in vitro fertilization that are performed in the United States every year. This number continues to increase rapidly and the increase is mainly due to the fact that women are waiting until they are older to have children. In fact, about 10% of women who have an in vitro fertilization cycle are over the age of 40.

Most-couples-are-also-not-able-to-afford-these-procedures-and-it-is-likely-that-treatment-cycles-will-not-be-covered-by-an-insurance-planThe procedure itself is rather expensive and can cost around $12,000 for each cycle. The results of this procedure can be draining on both members of the couple both physically and emotionally. Most couples are also not able to afford these procedures and it is likely that treatment cycles will not be covered by an insurance plan.

3. Other Studies

Other studies have been conducted on the same topic, but none have been quite as successful as the study that was conducted in Boston. This study differed from the others because there was a wide range of women that were studied, including older women as well as those who use fresh and frozen embryos.

based-on-the-research- the-live-birth-rate-was-72-percent-regarding-an-optimistic-analysis-and-51-percent-regarding-a-conservative-analysisOver 6000 patients were studied and over 14,000 cycles were considered throughout the course of this study that lasted for five years in the early 2000’s. Cumulatively, the live birth rate was 72% regarding an optimistic analysis and 51% regarding a conservative analysis. Researchers believed that the true numbers wide somewhere between these percentages.

4. How Does Age Play a Factor?

When it came to looking at age, it was discovered that older women were not necessarily able to reach the same fertility level that they had when they were 35. There appears to be some things that cannot be improved and experts are now suggesting that couples do not wait that long to have children.

it-appears-to-be-some-things-that-cannot-be-improved-and-experts-are-now-suggesting-that-couples-do-not-wait-that-long-to-have-childrenUnfortunately, many women believe that they will be able to wait as long as they like to have children because of the way that science has advanced throughout the years. This study shows that this is not the case and that even as successful as IVF can be, it is not able to completely reverse the effects that age has on the reproductive system.

5. Conclusion

Women who are considering to have children may want to discuss IVF with a fertility doctor before they put their trust in it for the future. Although it is extremely successful for women who are having issues with fertility, this new study shows that older women may not necessarily be able to become pregnant when they rely on this method.

Women-who-are-considering-to-have-children-may-want-to-discuss-IVF-with-a-fertility-doctor-before-they-put-their-trust-in-it-for-the-futureIt is important that you keep an open mind if you are considering in vitro fertilization and not rely on it as a guarantee that you will become pregnant later in life. For many women the, effects that aging has on the body are irreversible and even IVF is not able to help them become pregnant after they reach a certain age.

It is also important to consider the costs that will be associated with this procedure and the likelihood that you will not be able to become pregnant by using it. Make sure that you are willing to pay the costs financially, emotionally and physically before you decide to wait to have children and relying on in vitro fertilization future.

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