Fertility Pills to get Pregnant with Twins

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There are many reasons that a couple may desire to have twins when they become pregnant. Even though having twins can be more difficult, it can help reduce the amount of fertility treatments that you must undergo in order to have more than one child.

Having twins can also reduce the amount of time that is spent in the hospital and the recovery process of more than one pregnancy. Some parents simply desire to have twins because of the unique bond that is shared between the siblings that are twins.

If you are looking to have twins, it is likely that you have read that fertility treatments and fertility pills can help improve your chances of becoming pregnant with twins. While this is true, it is important to remember that your chance of becoming pregnant due to fertility pills only increases slightly. Below is more information regarding the different fertility pills that can help improve your chances of becoming pregnant with twins.

1. Clomid

One of the side effects of Clomid, the most popular fertility pill, is an increased chance of having twins. However, it only raises chance of having twins slightly and most couples who take Clomid are able to only have one child rather than twins.

twm042In general, there is about a 1% to 3% chance that a woman will become pregnant with twins. However, by taking Clomid her chances increase to between 7% and 8%. For women who are already at a higher risk of having twins, Clomid can help raise their chances to a level that will make it more likely that they will conceive twins.

2. Cassava

Adding cassava supplements to your diet can help improve your chances of becoming pregnant with twins because it is a key element that is found in the diets of women in Africa who have been shown to produce the most twins in the entire world. After being baffled by this statistic for many years, scientists finally discovered that the nutrients found in the cassava plant helped increase the rent chances of having twins.


3. Gonadotropin

These medications have been shown to increase the chances of having twins because it improves the overall health of maturity that the eggs have when they are produced. There are many different types of these prescriptions and your doctor will be able to find the right one for you so that you have a better chance of becoming pregnant with twins.

gonadotropin-improves-the-overall-health-of-maturity-that-the-eggs-have-when-they-are-producedMany of the options that are available will help to improve the health of the egg and will promote the release of multiple eggs at the same time. When more than one of these becomes fertilized, you will find that you are pregnant with twins.

4. Progesterone

This has been shown to help improve the chances of becoming pregnant with twins because it will improve the strength of the uterine lining. In the instance that more than one egg becomes fertilized, it will have a better chance of attaching to the uterine wall and producing a healthy multiple birth pregnancy.


5. Do fertility pills affect all instances of twins?

More than likely, when a woman becomes pregnant with twins after taking fertility pills, she will find that she is pregnant with fraternal twins. Most pills help improve the chances of becoming pregnant with twins because it increases the number of eggs that are released at one time.

Most-pills-help-improve-the-chances-of-becoming-pregnant-with-twins-because-it-increases-the-number-of-eggs-that-are-released-at-one-timeSince fraternal twins are created when more than one egg is fertilized, this means that having more eggs released will improve the chances of becoming pregnant. Usually, identical twins are not conceived based on one fertility pills that are taken and rather simply by chance.

6. Conclusion

One of the most common side effects when it comes to fertility pills is the increase of the chance of becoming pregnant with twins. However, most women do not need to worry about this increased chance because there are usually a number of things that go into why a woman has twins rather than a single birth.

While your chances of becoming pregnant with twins will increase you take fertility pills, there’s only a slight increase in the risk and there is really no guarantee that you will be able to become pregnant with twins by taking fertility pills. There are some medical procedures that can also be completed, but it is unlikely that a doctor will allow you to have been completed unless you’re having a medical issue that is preventing you from becoming pregnant.

Fertility Pills to get Pregnant with Twins, 2.4 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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Be careful when and how you use it

I bought into the hype and broke down and tried this product. After all, how can you resist something that claims that the fat is literally taken out of some of the food that you eat! I must say, though, pay attention to the directions on the package. I used it for a few days with none of the negative effects that many people experience. But during those times I ate fairly healthy meals and nothing too fatty. Then I went out with friends and didn't think about the fact I had taken these pills. I ate chicken wings, blue cheese and french fries. And spent most of the night and a good portion of the next day with several occasions of racing to the bathroom because of digestive issues. I suppose it shows that it does remove "stuff" from your diet because I sometimes have issues going at all and with using this product I went several times a day. But is it worth the risk? Besides, I have no idea if taking the pill was making a difference in my weight loss or if I was having success because I was being more careful in my food choices leading to lower calorie intake.

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Weight Loss through Fear of Embarrassment

Was excited to try Alli, heard such great things. Did not see anything for the first couple days I took this. Then came the HORRIBLE side effects. Oily, greasy residue in your underwear and the toilet, and the smell. Oh my gosh. It was awful. Talk about eating healthy - for fear of what this will do to you. Didn't even finish the first bottle it was so terrible.
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