Egg Freezing a job perk at Facebook and Apple

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1. Big News

Good news for female employees at Facebook and Apple. The two big name companies just announced that along with the other sometimes amazing, sometimes crazy job perks that they offer, they will now pay for female employees to have their eggs frozen. The two tech giants will be the first major companies to offer egg freezing for non-medical reasons to their employees. Facebook has already begun providing the coverage to its staff, and Apple will follow suit in January 2015.

they will now pay for female employees to have their eggs frozen

2. Why Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is so popular because it allows women to temporarily pause their fertility. For women with a high powered, stressful, demanding career, like one in technology, balancing work and family is a very hard thing to do. When women freeze their eggs, they are ensuring their fertility for a later date, and don’t have to feel rushed to have children before the clock runs out on their fertile time.

Egg freezing is so popular because it allows women to temporarily pause their fertility

At an average cost of $10,000 per egg-freezing round (two rounds are recommended) and another $500 annually for storage, it certainly doesn’t come cheap. It’s easy to see why this is going to be a very popular move for Apple and Facebook.

3. The Perks Of Coverage

While both Apple and Facebook are known for sometimes wacky job perks, this newest one is sure to benefit both employee and employer as well. By offering egg freezing coverage to their employees, these two companies are encouraging women to stick around, and even delay having children to focus on their careers.

Apple and Facebook offering egg freezing coverage to their employees

For the women who take advantage of this perk, they are able to prolong their fertility and get their careers in order first, and they can feel a sense of relief that their eggs are not something they have to worry about. They are also likely to feel some sense of loyalty and dedication to their employers, when the companies have been so supportive of their desire to freeze their eggs.

4. Will More Companies Follow?

While Apple and Facebook are the first two big name companies to venture into the world of offering egg freezing as a non-medical job perk, it is likely that more companies will follow suit in the years to come. Doctors report that the number of women freezing their eggs has more than doubled in recent years, and they expect to see this trend increase as more and more women choose to delay childbirth until later in life. Now that the two big tech giants have revealed their plans to cover egg freezing for their employees, it will be interesting to see which other companies follow suit.

Doctors report that the number of women freezing their eggs has more than doubled in recent years

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