Male Masturbation Effects on Fertility and Sperm Count

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When a man sexually stimulates his own genitals, typically to the point of orgasm, this is called male masturbation. Usually this is coupled with ejaculation as well. If a couple is trying to conceive, it may be a good idea for a man to limit the amount of masturbation that he does in order to keep the sperm counts high for sexual intercourse.

1. What Happens During Masturbation

When a man masturbates completely and he has an orgasm or ejaculates, the semen that is ejaculated lowers the sperm count that is available for the fertilization of the egg. This means that the man’s body will need to produce more sperm so that the fertilization tank is full, which takes time.


Research shows that men who masturbate more than once a day will find that their stores of sperm will be significantly lower than if a man does not masturbate and saves his sperm for sexual intercourse instead. Therefore, for men who are trying to get their partner pregnant, it is a good idea to save all ejaculations for sexual intercourse.

2. Why is this better?

By masturbating, a man is not allowing his sperm to build up in the semen. This will cause his stores to be constantly depleted and in need of refilling and may lead to infertility. On the flip side, if a man allows his stores of sperm to build up in anticipation of sexual intercourse, fertility may be increased instead.

if-a-man -allows-his-sperm-to-build-up-in-anticipation-sex-fertility-may-be-increased

3. Female Masturbation

It is also suggested that female masturbation may have a significant role in issues with fertility as well. During an orgasm, a female’s cervix lowers until it touches the end of the vagina.


This is the natural way that the body increases fertility in a woman. If a woman masturbates during sexual intercourse and achieves orgasm before her partner, acids that are found in the vagina may enter the cervix. This acid may work to decrease the amount of sperm that is healthy enough for the egg to become fertilized.

4. Maintaining a Higher Sperm Count

There are many ways that a man can help keep his sperm counts high and his sperm healthy. For example, you can avoid heat near the testes. This could mean taking cooler showers or wearing looser clothing and underwear.


You should also avoid heat from natural things, such as the weather or your job as well. It is also best to avoid drinking alcohol, taking drugs and smoking during the time that you are trying to conceive as well.

You should also avoid masturbating during the time you are trying to conceive as well. Although these items may be difficult, it is important to remember that the higher your level of sperm is, the better chance that you have of one of the sperm making it to the egg and fertilizing it before the sperm is absorbed by the lining of the uterus.

5. Test for Sperm Count Levels

A sperm count test can be conducted in order to find issues that a male has with his reproductive system if doctors feel that the man may have a lower sperm count than normal or if it is believed that the sperm count is causing issues with fertility. This test is typically conducted when a sample is provided to a clinic. Results are then mailed to the mane at a later date.


6. Alternative Methods to Increase Sperm Count

There are also some natural things that you can do to increase your sperm count. The first thing that you should keep an eye on is your diet. By taking a multi-vitamin daily along with a mineral supplement and maintaining a healthy diet, you will be able to improve your overall health, which will improve the health and quantity of your sperm as well.


Zinc has recently been shown to be effective as well, when it is paired with folic acid. Folic acid has been used to promote health in the fetus for many years, but it has only been recently that it has been discovered that it can help with sperm production as well.

7. Conclusion

If you are trying to conceive, it is important that you maintain a high sperm count. Fertility treatments are extremely high and you may find that simply by maintaining a high level of sperm can help improve your chances of your partner conceiving.

In order to do this, it is important that you avoid masturbating as often and consume a healthy diet that is rich with vitamins, zinc and folic acid. These are all great steps that you can take to help become a parent without the need for medical treatments.

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