Lower Sperm Count for Smokers

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Many men are aware of the fact that smoking has a negative effect on their overall health. Statistics show that most smokers lose about 10 to 15 years from their life and that nearly half of smokers will end up dying from a smoking-related disease. Smoking also increases the chance that a person will develop certain types of cancers, or develop heart disease and other diseases.

It is estimated that smoking is related to about 30% of all cancers as well as 90% of lung cancers. Smoking is known as the most preventable cause of illnesses and illness related deaths in the world, and is responsible for the deaths of over 7000 people annually. However, one item that is not typically discussed when it comes to smoking is its effect on men’s fertility.

1. Statistics

Recent studies are now showing that men who smoke have the sperm counts of about 13% to 17% less than men who do not smoke. Also, the volume of sperm as well as the motility has been drastically reduced in men who smoke and there is an increase in the number of sperm that is nonviable or misshapen.


2. Effects of Smoking On The Sperm

The effect that smoking has on sperm comes in two separate parts. For starters, the quality of sperm is greatly affected as it shows is an increase in the number of abnormalities of the sperm.

the-ability-of-the-sperm-to-adhere-to-the-egg-is-also-affected-by-a-smokingAlso, the ability of the sperm to adhere to the egg is also affected by a smoking. This means that the conception process can be hindered because the sperm may fail to connect with the egg during the fertilization cycle.

3. Studies

Because of the advancement of science, researchers are now able to study the impact that smoking has on the health of men related to reproduction. It is now being discovered that the effects of cigarette smoking can actually cause damage to the sperm which is then passed to the offspring.

there-is-a-greater-chance-that-a-woman-will-miscarry-if-the-male-partner-smokesThis means that there is a greater chance that a woman will miscarry if the male partner smokes. It is also possible that permanent genetic issues are passed on to the child from a father who smokes. One recent report showed that children whose fathers consistently smoked a pack of cigarettes each day for five years prior to conceiving were nearly 70% more likely to develop cancer than children whose parents did not smoke.

Surprisingly, these results were studied not due to the effect that smoking had on the mother but rather the effect that smoking had on the sperm before the child was conceived. This research showed that smoking can greatly affect the DNA of the sperm and things could be passed on to the child from the smoking habit of the father.

4. Other Issues

Other research shows that men who smoke have a 50% higher risk that their sperm DNA would be damaged because the smoking. It was also shown that men who smoke had lower sex drives and had sex less frequently than non-smokers.

there-was-a-greater-chance-that-developing-an-erection-would-be-more-difficult-due-to-smokingAlso there was a greater chance that developing an erection would be more difficult due to smoking because the blood vessels may become damaged. Because smoking can cause fatty deposits to build up in the arteries, blood may not develop in the penis as needed for a healthy erection.

5. Conclusion

This research shows that men who smoke have a lower sperm count than men who do not smoke. If you are a smoker and are planning to conceive in the next few years, it is a good idea to begin the process to stop smoking early on. For best results, you should smoke less frequently or stop smoking at all at least five years before you’re ready to conceive.

There-are-ways-that-your-doctor-can-help-you-to-stop-smoking-and-there-are-medications-that-can-help-as-wellThere are ways that your doctor can help you to stop smoking and there are medications that can help as well. If you are struggling to stop smoking, you should talk to your doctor as soon as possible so that you can reverse the effects of smoking has on your sperm and on your overall health.

It is also important for women to avoid smoking while they are trying to conceive as well because it can cause great damage to the body and prevent them from becoming pregnant because of items that are in cigarettes.

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