Positive Ovulation Predictor Kit without Ovulation

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If you have been trying to conceive, you will learn that there a several items that your can rely on in order to determine what you ovulation schedule is. This is an important process when you are trying to become pregnant because you will be able to determine the specific days that you should have sexual intercourse in order to improve your chances of becoming pregnant. Learning your ovulation schedule can help you to make sure that sperm is present while your egg is ready to become fertilized.

1. Why use Ovulation Predictor Kits?

Ovulation predictor kits are some of the most effective tools when trying to determine when you are ovulating. They are extremely easy to use and work similarl to a pregnancy test. An ovulation predictor kit looks for certain hormones that are present during ovulation in a woman’s urine and they are very accurate when they are used correctly.


These kits are also very easy to find and you will be able to purchase them almost anywhere that you can find pregnancy tests, including supermarkets and drug stores. Your doctor may also be able to provide you with some samples and you can order them online as well. One of the best things about them is that you can use that at home and you are not required to have a prescription to use them.

2. What is Ovulation?

When a woman ovulated, one of her ovaries is releasing an egg from the follicle. This egg then begins floating down the fallopian tubes. Just before ovulation, there are major changes that take place to the hormones, which are referred to as a LH surge.


Luteinizing hormone is an important hormone that is responsible for causing the egg to separate from the ovarian surface. An ovulation predictor kit looks for levels of LH to surge, which can then alert a woman that ovulation is pending.

One of the best things about an ovulation prediction kit is that they are easy to find and they are easier to use and more accurate than a basal thermometer. You can also predict your ovulation twenty four to thirty six hours before you ovulate, which will increase your chances of becoming pregnant the first month that you begin using them.

3. False Positives

However, it is possible to receive false positives when you use ovulation prediction kits. These false positives are given when ovulation is indicated and you are not truly ovulating.

Ovulation prediction kits measure the levels of luteinizing hormones in the body and therefore can only provide you with a positive or negative result. You are not given a number, meaning that it does not indicate if an egg was actually released or not.


So, it is possible that you receive a positive test and then go on to not ovulate. LH surges are possible even when a woman does not ovulate and these surges may cause a false positive to occur when using an ovulation prediction kit.

4. Tips on Improving the accuracy of your OPK

  1. First, it is important that you follow the instructions of your OPK carefully. You might want to keep in mind, however, that even if the test indicates that you should use the first urine of the day, you should really use your second instead. Since your urine becomes more concentrated during the night, there is a chance that you receive a false positive if you use the first urine of the day.
  2. Begin counting your cycle on the first day of your period. For women with a 28 day cycle, you should begin using the ovulation prediction kit on day eleven and continue using it for about six days, or the number of days that is recommended in the instructions of the particular kit that you have chosen.
  3. If you are a woman that has a longer cycle, you should begin testing on day fourteen and continue testing for nine days.
  4. For irregular cycles, an ovulation kit may be more difficult to use because you will need to test over an extended period of time due to the irregularities. This may cause you to be required to purchase more kits than you would like, which may become expensive.
  5. For cycles that run between 28 and 40 days, you can expect your ovulation to occur between days 14 and 26. Usually test kits only provide you with a maximum of nine days’ worth of test strips, so you may find that you need to purchase more than one kit for the month.


While it is possible to receive a false positive while using an ovulation predictor kit, you will find that there are many things that you can do to help improve the accuracy of these testing.

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Be careful when and how you use it

I bought into the hype and broke down and tried this product. After all, how can you resist something that claims that the fat is literally taken out of some of the food that you eat! I must say, though, pay attention to the directions on the package. I used it for a few days with none of the negative effects that many people experience. But during those times I ate fairly healthy meals and nothing too fatty. Then I went out with friends and didn't think about the fact I had taken these pills. I ate chicken wings, blue cheese and french fries. And spent most of the night and a good portion of the next day with several occasions of racing to the bathroom because of digestive issues. I suppose it shows that it does remove "stuff" from your diet because I sometimes have issues going at all and with using this product I went several times a day. But is it worth the risk? Besides, I have no idea if taking the pill was making a difference in my weight loss or if I was having success because I was being more careful in my food choices leading to lower calorie intake.

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Weight Loss through Fear of Embarrassment

Was excited to try Alli, heard such great things. Did not see anything for the first couple days I took this. Then came the HORRIBLE side effects. Oily, greasy residue in your underwear and the toilet, and the smell. Oh my gosh. It was awful. Talk about eating healthy - for fear of what this will do to you. Didn't even finish the first bottle it was so terrible.
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