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Neural Tube Defect: Down Syndrome

Neural tube defects and Down syndrome are both items that can develop in a baby before it is born. However, […]

Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome

This is a problem that will occur when a baby is born that is not fully developed. Usually, it is […]


Can Meconium Aspiration Cause Brain Damage?

Meconium aspiration is something that is usually not dangerous for a baby, but it can cause severe problems in some […]


Can Fetal Distress Cause Brain Damage?

Fetal distress occurs when the baby is not getting the right amount of oxygen. There a many issues that can […]


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: How Does it Affect a Baby?

When a baby has fetal alcohol syndrome, this means that the mother drank alcohol while she was pregnant. Many times, […]


Amniocentesis Sensitivity and Specificity

When an abnormal test is presented or when concern that an abnormality is possible in an unborn baby, testing may […]


Birth Defects caused by Lack of Vitamin A during Pregnancy

There are many nutrients and vitamins needed for the baby when a woman is pregnant. If there are not enough […]


Bilirubin Levels in Breastfed Babies

Bilirubin is a natural item that is created by the liver in the body. It is a result of the […]


How to Take Care of my Child after Circumcision

A circumcision is a common part of having a boy. During this procedure, the male foreskin is removed. Typically, this […]


How to Help my ADD child without Medication

Having a child with ADD can be trying for any parent. There are many medications available to help with the […]