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Understanding Your Cycles

Can I get Pregnant with My Period?

Every women has a cycle every month. The actual time that it takes a woman to go through that cycle […]

Can I get Pregnant Even if I’m not Ovulating?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to become pregnant when you are not ovulating. Ovulation is the process that the woman’s […]


Amenorrhea, Osteoporosis and Anorexia nervosa

Although amenorrhea is something that many women face throughout the year, it is not something that a woman will want […]


Home Remedies for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding is a common problem and not one that there are usually medical intervention options for. […]


How to get Pregnant if you’re Ovulation is late

Many women who are trying to get pregnant wonder if they can still get pregnant if they ovulate late. Most […]


Is it possible to get Pregnant just days Before your Period?

It can be very tough to pinpoint exactly when you are ovulating and when your fertile days are when you […]


How accurate and reliable are Ovulation Calendars

For many women an ovulation calendar is very reliable. To create one, you will simply track the days that your […]


Can you get Pregnant if you are not Ovulating Regularly?

Many women who do not have regular periods or regular ovulation cycles worry about their chances of getting pregnant. While […]


Can I get Pregnant Before my Period after a D & C?

After you go through a D & C, there are many questions that run through your mind. One of the […]


Can you get Pregnant Before your Period on Birth Control?

Although it may be difficult, it is possible to become pregnant before your period on birth control. Typically, a birth […]