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Pregnancy Health

Can I get Pregnant with Large Fibroids?

Many women who have fibroids are able to become pregnant without any type of treatment at all. However, this may […]

Can I Get Pregnant With a Partial Hysterectomy?

Even if you have had a partial hysterectomy, it is still possible for you to become pregnant. However, it may […]


High Blood Pressure and Pregnancy: How High is Too High?

High blood pressure is something that many women must worry about while they are pregnant. It is something that can […]


Linea Nigra and Folic Acid Deficiency

When a woman is pregnant, hormones will cause the body to produce more melanin. When this occurs, the areolas will […]


Why is Induced Labor Faster Than Natural Labor?

Inducing labor is something that many women experience for a number of reasons. Some women simply do not go into […]


Gestational Diabetes Early Pregnancy Birth Defects

Gestational diabetes is something that only appears while a woman is pregnant. However, even though it disappears after the baby […]


Hemorrhoids Removal Without Surgery

Hemorrhoids can be very uncomfortable and painful. Many people choose to have surgery to remove them along with the discomfort […]


Over The Counter Medicine for Genital Herpes

When a person has genital herpes, they are commonly treated with prescription medicine that is provided to them by their […]


Genital Herpes Symptoms During Pregnancy

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that is very common among women. When she is pregnant, it is possible […]


Fetal Distress Due to Maternal Hypotension

Hypotension is a condition is caused when the mother has an extremely low blood pressure. ¬†This can cause issues with […]